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WAIVER AND RELEASE: You acknowledge and understand that participation in the classes and workshops offered by Crofton Yoga carry an inherent risk of injury, and you assume and accept such risk, including the risk of exposure to or infection with COVID-19, which is known to cause serious illness, harm, and death. In consideration of being permitted to participate in any class or workshop, in-studio or virtual/on-line, offered by Crofton Yoga, its instructors, employees, or other staff members, you, individually and/or on behalf of your child(ren) hereby waive, release, indemnify, defend, hold harmless, and forever discharge Crofton Yoga, Yama & Niyama LLC, their agents, representatives, instructors, employees, other staff members, successors, and assigns, whether paid or volunteer, against any and all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses or judgments, including court costs and attorney’s fees arising out of my or my child(ren)’s participation in any program offered by Crofton Yoga. Crofton Yoga is a member of a network of yoga studios affiliated with the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts (PKSYHA). This studio, like all PKSYHA affiliated yoga studios, is independently owned and operated. PKSYHA is neither responsible nor legally or financially liable for the activities conducted at Crofton Yoga.

ATTENDANCE: Students must adhere to CDC/State/Local Government Health and Safety Guidelines, as well as any additional Crofton Yoga Policies. Students shall not visit the studio with a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or higher or have suffered any symptoms of COVID-19, the flu, or the common cold within the previous 14 days of attendance. Students agree to temperature checks by Crofton Yoga. Students shall make their best efforts to maintain at least 6 ft of distance apart from others and shall wear an appropriate facial covering. Students may bring their own props or rent them. Class capacity is limited. Admittance is not guaranteed and students may have to wait to gain entry. Students must show for all reserved classes and/or cancel with 24HR notice when unable to attend. In-studio time shall not exceed 90 minutes. Students that fail to comply with this Policy may be asked to leave. In such an event, students may not be entitled to a refund.

By placing my signature below, I acknowledge and agree that I have read this Agreement, understood all of the terms and conditions contained herein, including the policies and terms of packages of Crofton Yoga as listed at www.croftonyoga.com/classes/, that this is a legal agreement, and that this Agreement will be in full force and effect during each of my, and/or my child(ren)’s, participation in any class or workshop offered by Crofton Yoga whether such classes or workshops are in-studio or virtual/on-line. I also acknowledge and agree that this Agreement will be binding on me, my spouse, my heirs, my personal representatives, my assigns, my children/wards, and any guardian ad litem for said children; and, binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and representatives in the event of my death or incapacity.

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